What Your Vision Says About Your Health

Eyes are windows to the soul. You can understand an individual’s emotions by looking at their eyes, but that is not all the eyes can reveal. Your eyes can tell a lot about your overall health condition. During an eye exam, an optometrist or ophthalmologist can detect serious diseases.

Here’s how you can protect your vision and eye health during the winter months:

What Your Eyes Are Saying


Various eye symptoms can indicate that you need medical attention. If you experience blurry vision, it could be due to anything from eye fatigue to diabetes. Double or dim vision can be a sign of Computer Vision Syndrome or a warning sign of an impending stroke.

You should never ignore what your eyes are telling you. An eye exam can help save your vision or your life. Schedule one before the holiday festivities.

Practice Proper Eye Safety


A bottle of champagne can be the highlight of your celebrations. However, a cork flying at 50 mph can cause severe eye damage. Be careful and ensure you aim the bottle away from your eyes or the eyes of other revelers.

Practice eye safety when lighting fireworks or around campfires and other displays. Wearing eye protection will keep your eyes safe from debris, smoke, and other hazards. If you experience an eye injury, get treatment as soon as possible.

Holiday Festivities — Protect Your Vision


Celebrating holiday festivities should be fun for everyone. For this to happen, it is essential to ensure safety by reducing hazards. Holiday decorations can result in eye injuries. Consider using battery-powered or flameless candles to avoid burns to the skin and eyes.

Take proper care around pine needles, branches, and other items that can get logged in the eye. Be careful around pointed or glass ornaments.

Choosing Appropriate Gifts


Follow age guidelines when shopping for children’s gifts. Studies show many parents do not read or follow age labels when buying gifts. Consider your child’s age and developmental abilities when shopping.

Sharp items and toys that shoot projectiles can cause severe eye injuries. Use protective eyewear when using pellet, BB, or paintball guns. Ensure that you supervise your children when they are playing with certain toys.

UV Protection All Year Round


Sun rays are present not just in summer but also during winter and on cloudy days. You should wear eye protection all year round to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. The rays can reflect off snow, ice, water, or glass surfaces. If you love winter sports, always wear sunglasses while playing on the snow or ice. Snow reflection can increase your exposure to UV, causing eye burns and affecting your vision.

If you experience sudden vision changes or vision loss, you need immediate medical attention. Visit an eye doctor if you have blurry vision, bulging eyes, rings around the corneas, drooping eyelids, or yellow eyes. As you enjoy your holidays, do not ignore symptoms that can cause long-term vision complications.

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